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Posted by on Nov 10, 2018 in MMA |

Midnight Mania! DC Wouldn’t Try ‘The Craziest Sh*t’ Bareknuckle Boxing

Midnight Mania! DC Wouldn’t Try ‘The Craziest Sh*t’ Bareknuckle Boxing

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Daniel Cormier might be the baddest man on the planet when it comes to cage fighting, but there are some combat sports too extreme even for the UFC double champ. He tweeted out that he is watching the bareknuckle boxing event headlined by former MMA stars Chris Leben and Phil Baroni. The event also features Johny Hendricks in the co-main event, and it is “some of the craziest shit I’ve ever seen!”, according to Cormier.

This bare knuckle boxing is some of the craziest shit I’ve ever seen!

— Daniel Cormier (@dc_mma) November 10, 2018

Naturally, a fan followed up asking if DC would ever consider trying it. He said he would not, and marveled at the complete lack of hand wraps.

No I’m watching on ppv. They don’t even wrap their hands. They wrap the wrist!

— Daniel Cormier (@dc_mma) November 10, 2018

Cormier is probably right to stay away. Bareknuckle boxing is a wild man’s game. Although, I must say, this is the kind of clinch-uppercut combination DC loves.

Loved the work Josh Neer did, pulling down his opponent’s head and blasting him with uppercuts.

Here was the finishing touch! #WBKFF

— Dave Madden (@DaveMMAdden) November 10, 2018


Shoutout to Ben Askren for screenshotting my headline from last night to dunk on McGregor, but not linking to the article.

@TheNotoriousMMA had fun picking on intellectual inferiors. Now he has met his match.

— Ben Askren (@Benaskren) November 9, 2018

Israel Adesanya must have a side deal with the UFC- this is the reason John Nash’s reporting on fighter pay in 2016 was so valuable.

When I was just a fan of the UFC I used to feel this way about the fighter pay. Trust me when I say NONE OF YOU have any idea what goes on behind the scenes. There’s a reason it’s called “disclosed” pay…lol NO IDEA!! I’m just playing the game

— Israel Adesanya (@stylebender) November 10, 2018

Can it be true?? I hardly dare believe I will ever see Cain Velasquez fight again.

Adesanya makes quick work of animated Derek Brunson too

Gary Tonon is an executioner

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l What a way to go

A post shared by Because jitsu (@because_jitsu) on

This is scary and sad: California’s wildfires have forced thousands to evacuate, including Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan and his dog are safe at his studio, where his dog seems to be best friends with the werewolf or direwolf or Beowulf villain or whatever kind of wolf this is.

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l A good boy on the streets but a FREAK in the Gi

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I never thought about how pointless this was.

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l A good boy on the streets but a FREAK in the Gi

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I am very much looking forward to covering tomorrow’s fight night card!

Matt Brown thought this was very cool.

That’s badass!

— Matt Brown (@IamTheImmortal) November 6, 2018

Justin Scoggins will be looking for a new home- I hope ONE picks him up. He was one of the most talented flyweights on the roster.

Never change, Sage.

True story @sagenorthcutt came to my house for dinner when he was in town training with @TWooodley and he called me Mr Askren. Made me feel old as shit.

— Ben Askren (@Benaskren) November 6, 2018

Just… what??

True story… I saw @Benaskren leaving his gym driving down the street with his feet out the window! How the heck was he able to do that haha

— Sage Northcutt (@sagenorthcutt) November 9, 2018

Ben Askren almost fought Rory Macdonald in Bellator… but exactly what went wrong is a source of contention between him and Scott Coker.

Well this is about a half truth from @ScottCoker I wanted to fight Rory. He said no. Simple

— Ben Askren (@Benaskren) November 9, 2018

Scott so what about my tweet was false??

— Ben Askren (@Benaskren) November 10, 2018

I think you are pushing alternative facts here. I can go back and look through old messages/emails, but this sure isn’t the way I recall it. You and I both know Rory vs me looks very similar to Rory vs Gerard.

— Ben Askren (@Benaskren) November 10, 2018

Light heavyweight super-prospect Dominick Reyes is working with heavyweights Alastair Overeem and Curtis Blaydes, who evidently are also working with each other. Those must be interesting sparring sessions.

Eryk Anders reposted this… and it’s just weird. I wonder what Elias Theodorou thinks of it.

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December 8 #ufc231 #ufctoronto @mememartialarts

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Speaking of weird, how odd is it that the UFC is shuttering flyweight but also plans to have its bantamweight champion move down in weight to fight there? They must think Dillashaw probably wins and unifies the titles.

Breaking: TJ Dillashaw will move DOWN in weight to challenge Henry Cejudo for the flyweight title at UFC 233 on Jan. 26 in Anaheim, per multiple sources.

Dillashaw will try to become UFC’s sixth male two-weight champ. Full story coming to @ESPN.

— Brett Okamoto (@bokamotoESPN) November 9, 2018

Slips, Rips, and Bareknuckle Clips

Here is some more bareknuckle boxing for you.


Remind me again how technical you have to be as a bare-knuckle boxer, wisely picking your shots, because of the risk of breaking your hands #WBKFF @WBKFF

— Dave Madden (@DaveMMAdden) November 10, 2018

Beef boys

Nice work in the clinch from Torres. Liver shot plus a few uppercuts. Down goes Big Cake. #WBKFF @FiteTV

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) November 10, 2018

MMA gets weird sometimes

Well that was bizarre. Kevin Natividad chokes Tom Ni unconscious AFTER the bell. Ref was late on the separation. Natividad wins via unanimous decision. #LFA53

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) November 10, 2018

go Gary Tonon

Sometimes the standing KOs are the most savage

WOW..David Agbodji gets the KO in the first on @FridaysFights!

— UFC FIGHT PASS (@UFCFightPass) November 10, 2018

It can all end in a second

any time someone brings up fast KOs, i can’t help myself from posting this. ryohei masuda knocks out takahiro kuroishi in one second

— ブロディアームバー (@BrodyArmBar) November 9, 2018

Podcasts and Video

Andrew Richardson’s breakdowns are brilliant, and he nails an important aspect of Yair Rodriguez’s game here.

Here he explains Chan Sung Jung’s clinch work:

Random Land

An owl sits on the beach in Malibu as the Woolsey Fire approaches

— Los Angeles Times (@latimes) November 10, 2018

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