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Posted by on Feb 14, 2019 in MMA |

Midnight Mania! Should We Be Worried About Cain’s Mitt Work?

Midnight Mania! Should We Be Worried About Cain’s Mitt Work?

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

There are a lot of questions both Cain Velasquez and Francis Ngannou need to answer about themselves this Sunday in the main event of UFC Phoenix. Ngannou needs to show he has an answer for relentless cardio wrestling. Cain, at 36, needs to show that a decade of overtraining and injury haven’t wrecked his body beyond repair. The most social media recent footage we have of Cain in training is not exactly encouraging.

This post combines two of Cain’s Instagram training videos from about a month ago, in early January. I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to them at the time, but just at a glance, Cain’s mechanics look pretty awful. It’s a little reminiscent of Ronda Rousey’s worse moments, or old man Wanderlei Silva. There might even be shades of Chuck Liddell before the Ortiz fight. Unlike those videos, Cain still seems like he’s connecting with some speed; however, the way he’s trying to generate power is by throwing his whole body into the punch. It’s not exactly tight and crisp.

Cain looks great!
Clip 1: Power
Clip 2: Speed ⚡️
My money is on Cain, the problem is, you can execute perfectly but if Francis clips you the right way, it’s lights out. #WMMA #TeamMMA4LIFE #MMA#PeoplesMMA #CainVelasquez #UFCPhoenix

— The People’s MMA (@ThePeoplesMMA) January 13, 2019

Has Cain always looked this bad on the pads? Some fighters look awkward, but they make it work once they get into the cage. I went back and looked at some footage. This was Cain in 2016. Perhaps the goal was different, but he looks controlled, throwing straight punches with decent rotation. His left hook looks much more disciplined and smooth, without that awkward full-body lunging motion. Cain has never been known for his punching power, and that is at least partly due to his inconsistent transfer of weight into his blows. This clip, though, is worlds better than the clip above.

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Mitt work with @akajav for @hayabusafight photoshoot

A post shared by Cain Velasquez (@officialcainvelasquez) on

This was Cain way back in 2009. He looked a little janky then too, twisting his head before throwing the left hook, but he was also whipping straight punches out with good form and moving well.

Is this reading too much into a few seconds of training video? Perhaps. Or perhaps Cain’s body isn’t moving the way it used to, and he’s trying to compensate. Perhaps he was just rusty. Will he be able to shake off the mantle of inactivity once again to rise to the challenge of the mighty Ngannou? We will find out Sunday.


Hello, officer, I would like to report a fatality.

Israel Adesanya’s coach Eugene Bareman offers his take on why his fighters have been so successful.

“The MMA world is definitely behind the rest of the world, especially when it comes to stand-up, and I’ve been able to take advantage of that.” – Eugene Bareman explains why his City Kickboxing fighters are having so much success in the UFC #TLTS @lthomasnews

— MMA on SiriusXM (@MMAonSiriusXM) February 14, 2019

Lando Vannata back in training

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I’m back. Sights set. ⚡️

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Tecia Torres working her strength and conditioning ahead of her UFC 235 bout against Chinese prospect Weili Zhang

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@teciatorres 3 weeks out from #ufc235 working on speed strength and explosive power utilizing post activation potentiation! _____________________________________________ Core rotation and change of direction is key when trying to increase force production in your strikes using a “washing machine” exercise with med ball to increase strength in the obliques and transverse abdominals. Moving into PAP with quarter Zercher Squats going into bounding broad jumps to increase power production from the motor units and muscle fibers recruited in that same base movement pattern. Using yielding isometrics with a load heavy enough to cause the desired stimulus. After went into explosive Cossacks squats for lateral force production to enhance movement efficiency in the cage. Can’t wait to see my little sis handle business!! _______________________________________________________ FOR COMBAT SPORTS PERFORMANCE PROGRAMS CLINK LINK IN BIO!! @fightscienceinstitute @overtimeathletes @fightcampconditioning @lockhartandleith #mmastrengthandconditioningcoach #mma #ufc #tinytornado #teciatorres #featherweight #womensmma #combatsports #fightcamp #fightsports #americantopteam #strengthcoach #power #explosive #strength #speed #darustrong

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Mads Burnell needs to get back in the UFC ASAP

That’s one way to do a staredown. I’m stoked for Paul Daley vs. Michael Page.

UFC heavyweight Juan Adamsn has an adorable dog.

Mirko Cro Cop was one scary dude back in the day

Mirko Cro Cop referee cams

— Streetfight Bancho (@streetfitebanch) February 13, 2019

The rematch between Cro Cop and Wanderlei Silva is one of my favorite PRIDE fights

Mirko Cro Cop vs. Wanderlei Silva II

PRIDE FC: Final Conflict Absolute semifinal

— Streetfight Bancho (@streetfitebanch) February 14, 2019

PRIDE did amazing promos too

It’s Cro Cop fight week, so here’s the best promo in MMA history.

— Lucas Bourdon (@lucas_bourdon) February 14, 2019

Anderson Silva, moving like water and spouting his personal philosophy

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History can only be told by those who live them for real. For many there is no difference between those who really make a difference, they transform what should be a statistic into a fact, in my opinion there are 2 types of men, each on one side, those who seek challenges and those who wait sitting the result that never comes, and when they fall by themselves realize that no longer but nothing to do, other than regret on the other side, what is a fatoreal? A man determined to write a story with defeat victories! More with the certainty that everything he set out to do, he did with love and dedication. The difference between them, because one was not afraid to err is wrote pages of an incredible book that can serve as an example for new generations with facts that changed their path and their life story! The other only regrets what might have happened. The fact is my people, difficulties, failures, stumbles, falls and defeats will exist in the way of all of us, but what we can not choose and be the kind of man who regrets. So let’s face it with determined dedication and a lot of faith in GOD. Make your life a real fact of light, surpassing and glory. Make it worth every second God has given you on this spiritual plane. Kiss my people! Strength and honor

A post shared by Anderson “The Spider” Silva (@spiderandersonsilva) on

Back and forth

This was very unexpected

Georges St. Pierre is driving in what can only be described as nasty weather. I do not miss the northeast at times like this.

Artem Lobov vs. Jason Knight in bareknuckle boxing? Sign me up

Artem (@RusHammerMMA) Lobov has signed a three-fight, six-figure deal with Bare Knuckle FC, Lobov told ESPN. His debut will be against former UFC fighter Jason Knight on April 20. He also gets PPV points. The deal allows him to sign with an MMA promotion, as well.

— Ariel Helwani (@arielhelwani) February 13, 2019

“Everybody’s on steroids”

This looks like some kind of lapel choke

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Well that looks painful

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Slick sweep, thank you Saenchai and John Wayne Parr.

Random Land

Norway is definitely on my bucket list

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