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Posted by on Mar 1, 2019 in Boxing |

Shields: Amanda Nunes can’t beat me in a boxing match

Shields: Amanda Nunes can’t beat me in a boxing match

The middleweight champion discusses a variety of topics.

Claressa Shields recently spoke with TMZ about women’s boxing, MMA, and specifically UFC champion Amanda Nunes.

On whether or not she’s thought about doing MMA:

“I’ve thought about it. I’d serve they ass up. I could learn. First of all, before you get me on the ground, you gotta get punched first. Those girls gotta make it through that. I’ve thought about it. I’m gonna continue to work on boxing. I know a little bit of wrestling, but if I gave myself a year of nothing but wrestling and nothing but jiu-jitsu or something like that, and kickboxing, I could definitely do it. It’s not something that I wanna do, but if it ever came down to it — they only have two big weight classes, that’s 135 and 145. I can’t make neither, so maybe if they have a bigger weight class, maybe we could talk. But I’m not dropping to ‘45.”

On Amanda Nunes’ reputation as a top boxer in MMA:

“Amanda Nunes caught Cris Cyborg because Cris Cyborg went in there wild and crazy. She couldn’t come over to boxing and do that. She wouldn’t last. We don’t go out throwing the hardest punches we can throw in the first round. We got 10 rounds. Amanda Nunes can’t beat me in a boxing match, and there’s a couple other girls she probably couldn’t beat in a boxing match.”

On making women’s boxing more popular:

“I think the case is now that they know that, one, myself, I’m the GOAT, I’m the greatest woman of all-time. When they see me fight, you’re not looking at a woman fighter, you’re looking at just a fighter. Gender doesn’t come into play when I fight. I think that they see that and they’ve put a lot behind me because of that. And then I’m different than any other female that’s come up before. I’m very vocal, outspoken, and nice at the same time. The main thing I do is kick ass. That’s why they’re really getting behind me. That’s why we’re booming right now, because I get out there and I T-Rex bitches.”

Shields (8-0, 2 KO) is scheduled to face Christina Hammer (24-0, 11 KO) on April 13 on Showtime, a fight that aims to fully unify the middleweight division.