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Posted by on Apr 19, 2019 in Boxing |

McIntyre: Crawford is going to beat the s*** out of Khan

McIntyre: Crawford is going to beat the s*** out of Khan

Trainer Brian McIntyre is confident as usual heading into Saturday’s fight, and touches on some other topics.

Trainer Brian McIntyre is well-known as the vocal member of Terence Crawford’s team, and he sat down with media to talk about Saturday’s ESPN pay-per-view main event between Crawford and Amir Khan, plus Vasiliy Lomachenko, Virgil Hunter, and Errol Spence Jr.

On Crawford’s P4P case vs Lomachenko’s

“We all know who the best fighter in the world is right now. … Look what Terence has done in the game so far. He’s done way more than Lomachenko has done. Lomachenko ain’t never unified or been a lineal champion at two different weight classes. Terence made history. Lomachenko ain’t did that. They’re just looking at Lomachenko because, what, he got two gold medals? So what?”

On Crawford trying to respond to Lomachenko’s KO of Crolla

“Terence don’t pay no attention to that shit. He don’t pay no attention to that. He’ll go in there and get the win the way he’s gonna get it. If it’s a knockout, out-boxing him, beat his ass, whatever he’s gonna do.”

On Amir Khan as a person

“People love Khan, man. You can’t help but like the dude. He’s nice. … He’s just a nice individual. He’s just really cool. His camp is cool, his coaches is cool, he’s cool. What’s the last dude we fought? (Jose) Benavidez, that’s a dude, you’re, like, ‘Fuck this dude, man!’ But Khan comes off nice, he shakes your hand, his team will be, like, ‘Let me get pictures with y’all!’ because they admire us. I admire that. That’s cool, I like that. That’s class.”

On Khan not being particularly popular in the UK

“It surprises me that they think he’s gonna get his ass whooped. … Just because of a couple performances that he got beat.”

On Crawford doing extra hand-eye coordination work

“Khan’s got fast hands, so we just wanted to make (Terence) a little bit more aware. … He’s done it before, we like to go up there and shoot around a basketball and work out there with the (Air Force) cadets, show them a little bit of boxing skills.”

On when he was first aware of Khan

“I was aware of Amir Khan when he won the silver medal (in 2004), then he started coming over here and fighting. … I really didn’t pay no attention to him (early on). I think I started paying attention when he beat Devon Alexander, Zab Judah; I’m, like, ‘This dude’s pretty good,’ then I started looking at his hand speed. Then he was way, way off the radar. But he comes up now so, OK, let me go back and look at those fights.”

On Khan being diminished

“He’s not the same. He’s not. … He’s just slower. He’s slower and he fights more scared now, because he’s scared to get touched on that chin. You know how fighters fight when they’re scared.”

On Khan’s brutal knockout losses

“It’s always gonna be there in the back of your mind. If I get hit with one of them shots, man — Lord, please, don’t let the world see me go to sleep.”

On Crawford believing he will beat Errol Spence Jr

“He (said) he’s gonna beat his ass. … That’s just in the gym. We’re always training, always in the gym. You never really hear (Terence) say it if he’s training for a certain fighter. It’s when we’re in the gym, messing around. … The world thinks (Spence) can beat Terence Crawford, and (Crawford wants to prove the world wrong).”

On Virgil Hunter not believing Khan can win

“If you look at Virgil’s interview, he’s not even confident in Amir Khan. … Just listen to him. He said one interview, what does Amir Khan need to beat Terence Crawford? He said, ‘Prayer and luck.’ If you ask me what Terence Crawford needs to beat Terence Crawford, he’s gonna beat the shit out of him! There’s no hesitating in me telling y’all that Terence is gonna beat the shit out of Amir Khan. But if you ask Virgil, it’s, like, ‘Yes, it’s gotta be in the box, can’t get outside our box.’ He never said that about Andre Ward, has he?”

“Ain’t no mind games between me and Virgil. The mind games are between Terence and Amir Khan. Terence probably never even heard the interview.”

On a trainer preparing a fighter with no chance to win

“I don’t know, man, I’ve never been in that position.”

On whether or not Khan will be Crawford’s best win

“Probably not. I bet you Viktor Postol can beat Amir Khan. I bet you Felix Diaz can beat Amir Khan. Benavidez could probably beat him.”

On Crawford getting acclimated at 147 being worse for the other welterweights

“It’s worse for them. It’s been worse for them since the amateurs, because they know they couldn’t beat him in the amateurs. … Terence could’ve been at 147, we figured let’s get the most out of him at 135, let’s do it at 140, then 147. We was pulling his arm to make 135. When he was making 140, steadily growing, steadily growing, so after he unified there, why stay at 140? He can walk around and be as happy as he wants. He could’ve been at 147.”

On pushing for Crawford-Spence

“The world’s gonna push for the Errol Spence fight. The world is.”

On Keith Thurman

“He ain’t the guy. … Right now, Terence is the guy. I don’t really look at none of the rest of them.”

On Crawford’s toughest challenge

“Terence Crawford.”

On Khan doing anything better than Crawford

“Uh, probably…pray better.”

On how Crawford got started in boxing

“It’s in his bloodline. His dad was a boxer, his uncle was a boxer, his grandfather was a boxer.”

On the toughest thing with training Crawford

“I think at this point now he knows his body. One good thing about us as a team, we talk, we talk a lot. We talk about the workouts before they happen, we talk about the sparring sessions before they happen, we talk about what we need to see. If he wants to go a little faster, that’s fine, that just shows us where he’s at. When he was younger coming up, he used to drink a Sprite or eat chips and dip. But as far as boxing goes, nothing bad. The dude’s a beast.”

On Crawford being a switch-hitter

“We go 20 minutes regular, 20 minutes southpaw. Since day one.”

On Crawford being able to outbox Khan

“If Khan thinks he can outbox Terence, that’s doing nothing but challenging him, and Terence loves a challenge. ‘If you think you’re gonna outbox me, I’m gonna show you, motherfucker, I’m gonna outbox you. If you think you’re more powerful than me, I’m gonna show you that I’ll crack your ass.’ Remember Jeff Horn? They said how big Jeff Horn was, and Terence was too small. Who was pushing who? Who was pushing who and then cracking him?”

On how he wants to see the fight end

“Drop (Khan) in his corner and then he’s asking Virgil Hunter, ‘Can you get me up?’ (Laughing) ‘VIRGIL! VIRGIL!’ ‘Get up, son!’”