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Posted by on Jun 12, 2019 in Boxing |

Roundup (June 12, 2019): New rankings, Shields, Hooker-Ramirez, more

Roundup (June 12, 2019): New rankings, Shields, Hooker-Ramirez, more

All the hot boxing news of Tuesday, which is not traditionally a hot boxing news sort of day.

Miss anything Tuesday? Catch up!

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The new rankings are up. No movement, but some talk.

Maurice Hooker and Jose Ramirez discussed their upcoming July 27 140-pound unification fight, which is officially official. Hooker thinks he’s the better and smarter fighter, while Ramirez talked about fans winning when promoters work together like this. And trainer Robert Garcia believes it has Fight of the Year potential.

Claressa Shields’ next fight is set. She’s won titles at 168 and fully unified 160, so with nothing interesting to do at those weights she’ll fight at 154 for a vacant belt. On paper, her Aug. 17 matchup with Ivana Habazin isn’t very interesting, but honestly, what can she possibly do that really might be a compelling actual fight other than go down to 147 and fight Cecilia Braekhus, or even meet Braekhus at a catchweight? And her move down in weight suggests that’s a possibility for the future, depending on Shields being able to comfortably fight as she moves down.

It’s great that Shields has done so much and is trying to change the game for women’s boxing — and I really mean that, it’s great the effort she’s putting in — but until she has a dance partner that can make for an actual interesting in-ring product, the whole thing is only going to capture so much attention. Shields-Hammer had something on paper, but then the fight itself was a dud. And it’s not Shields’ fault that nobody at 160 or 168 was an actual legitimate challenge for her, either.

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