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Posted by on Jan 26, 2017 in MMA |

Midnight Mania! Cormier vs Johnson 2 set for UFC 210

Midnight Mania! Cormier vs Johnson 2 set for UFC 210

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Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight, we have Cormier vs. Johnson 2 landing on UFC 210 for light heavyweight gold, Tim Marchman of Deadspin getting called out to a UFC fight by none other than Tim Kennedy, knockouts, street fights, podcasts, and much more.

Front Line

Per, Daniel Cormier will rematch Anthony “Rumble” Johnson for the light heavyweight title at UFC 210 in April.

Daniel Cormier beat Anthony Johnson back in 2015, at UFC 187, to claim the light heavyweight strap Jon Jones had been stripped of due to his legal issues from a hit-and-run involving a pregnant woman. Since then, Cormier has defended the title against Alexander Gustaffson and defeated Anderson Silva in a non-title bout at UFC 200. Anthony Johnson, meanwhile, has won three straight by knockout.

The pair were scheduled to meet at UFC 206, but Cormier’s injury derailed the bout and triggered the chain of events that led to the UFC stripping Conor McGregor’s featherweight title.

Ok let’s go! Let’s get this done. Smart, hard training will make this an easy fight. #andstill

A photo posted by Daniel “DC” Cormier (@dc_mma) on

Now they will run it back again in Buffalo, NY on April 8th. Their first bout was a thrilling affair, with Johnson flooring Cormier early, and Cormier desperately looking to clinch over and over, with every striking exchange a tightrope walk due to Johnson’s power. Eventually Cormier wore Johnson down, put him on his back and choked him out in the third round.

The second fight carries high stakes, with the winner likely to face Jon Jones upon his return from suspension in the summer.

Bobs and Weaves

Who would you take? The coaching staff were just announced for each team.

You get into a bar fight tonight …
One team can help you out …
Who you going with?#TeamNoLove or #TeamDillashaw?

— Jim Edwards (@MMA_Jim) January 25, 2017

Here’s how you .GIF highlights, UFC.

#UFCDenver #BellLetsTalk

— Streetfight Bancho (@streetfitebanch) January 25, 2017

But wait… maybe the UFC are finally posting some half-decent .GIFs

Q: Is @Francis_Ngannou one of the scariest humans on Earth?

Short Answer: Yes
Long Answer: Absolutely terrifying#UFCDenver

— UFC (@ufc) January 26, 2017

Their poster game, though, is… well, basic.

I got the exclusive! The Official #UFC209 Poster! See you in Las Vegas! @ufc #andStill

— Tyron T-Wood Woodley (@TWooodley) January 25, 2017

Looks like the UFC graphics folks put this together in the last 10 minutes of work on Friday before going drinking. “Fuck it, good enough.”

— Patrick Wyman (@Patrick_Wyman) January 25, 2017

@Bosslogic wow!!! @ufc Looks like you have some competition!

— Tyron T-Wood Woodley (@TWooodley) January 26, 2017

BossLogic himself has some words on that, though:

As for all the backlash on the official ufc works, I don’t we should be throwing so much hate on the design department and the artist (cont)

— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) January 26, 2017

Because I know as an artist that has worked in house I know that without creative freedom you are kinda stuck in a limited box

— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) January 26, 2017

So I guess we must blame whoever is happy with these basic-ass posters.

So… Tim Marchman may have messed up.

Unsurprising that not one Ted Cruz-supporting cuck/Twitter user is willing to face me in the UFC octagon.

— Tim Marchman (@timmarchman) January 25, 2017

I’m your huckleberry. I also take note that you are a pathetic cyber bully. My email is I’m available at your leisure.

— Tim Kennedy (@TimKennedyMMA) January 25, 2017

Not a fight I would want.

Slips, Rips, and Knockout Clips

Nice overhand.

⏰ Just 2 DAYS til #Providence‘s @grebello73 rocks #NewEngland with the dynamite in his hands at #CES41 on Friday in

— CES MMA (@CESMMA) January 25, 2017

This is some cool artwork, and an apt nickname- Calderwood is the softest spoken killer in the UFC.

@DRkneevil @ufc @danawhite when will we see Joanne Calderwood again #UFCLondon This is an athlete who wants to fight.#mmanews

— MMAFanLondon (@mmafanlondon) January 25, 2017

Great photography work here:

Woodley’s comments on how racism affects his popularity are self-proving when you look at the responses he gets:

#MMAFans: I don’t see why Tyron Woodley thinks race is a factor in his popularity.

*sees Tyron’s response to being called the N word*

— JustBleedMMA (@JustBleedMMA) January 25, 2017

Sometimes you see an athletic disparity that doesn’t matter because the sloppy dude throwing haymakers plants his feet and finally connects with one. This is one of those times.

That’s what you get for being cocky

— Thirty Sec Fights (@ThirtySecFights) January 25, 2017

This is the KO Woodley was so mad UFC Fight Pass posted- perhaps part of his complaint that he’s the worst treated champion in UFC history.

#UFCDenver #BellLetsTalk

— Streetfight Bancho (@streetfitebanch) January 25, 2017

Lauren Murphy ROASTED Bethe Correia.

Coach: When u weigh in, try to look tough AF. Intimidating
Bethe: I’ll pull my pants halfway down &give a thumbs up
C: No, don’t thats stup-

— Lauren Murphy (@LaurenMurphyMMA) January 24, 2017

My old Muay Thai coach got a sweet KO in Thailand:

The body-shot predator

American fighter Michael ‘Chase’ Corley with a peach of a KO!

Posted by Siam Fight News on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Guess who bodies who before you click.

— 30 Second Fights (@30SecondsFight) January 23, 2017

Yoel Romero isn’t buying the BS that Bisping wants to fight someone else who is more of a PPV draw than he is.

@bisping I hope you have a good surgery and a speedy recovery. I see you in May boi #ynuevo

— Yoel Romero (@YoelRomeroMMA) January 25, 2017

Podcasts and Video

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Stay woke, Maniacs!