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Posted by on Aug 2, 2021 in MMA |

Video: 3 Vs. 1 MMA From Poland

Video: 3 Vs. 1 MMA From Poland

Twitter – Elite Fighters

The European mixed martial arts scene is still a raw and wild place where crazy stuff like three versus one man fights can and do happen.

We’ve sung the praises of Twitter user Grabaka Hitman for a long time because he manages to find and share a ton of pretty outrageous MMA footage from smaller international shows around the world. Recently he provided footage of a Russian brawl at an event that ended with two of the participants having an official fight in the cage. Now he’s got something even stranger: a 3 vs. 1 fight that goes down exactly as you’d imagine most 3 vs. 1 fights would.

It all happened at an Elite Fighters event in Rzeszow, Poland on Saturday July 31st. The lone man: someone identified only as ‘Kung Fu Panda’ (really). His team of opponents: Miłosz Włodkowski, Maciej Szwech, and Norbert Grązka. The length of the fight: 14 seconds.

Take a look:

Other insanity from the Elite Fighters event:

If you enjoyed that, make sure to follow Grabaka Hitman on Twitter and consider throwing him a subscribe on Patreon. It’s not all freakshow fight content, there’s tons of quality martial arts being showcased as well. Between that and his weekly schedule of international combat sports, it really is worth supporting Grabaka Hitman.

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